Professional fault diagnosis

Professional diagnosis enables the technical condition of a given machine to be very precisely determined. There is no need to dismantle individual subassemblies. We work with specialised devices used by diagnostic specialists, and, it is worth pointing out, our great experience. Professional diagnosis is a deliberate action by companies, so that the maintenance mechanic does not get too friendly with the customer. Because life is such a rush, mechanics have unfortunately become "replacers” rather than carers for their clients’ machines. This means we are often called out both by individual customers and dealers and technical departments of importers. We also have contact with designers - the more honest ones, I must add. Unfortunately, the way the market is now, technical reliability doesn’t suit everyone.
Repairing machines’ electrical systems

The repair of electrical systems is always preceded by full computer diagnosis of the vehicle. In the case of transmission or power faults, repairs are done to the specific fragment of the network or bundle of power leads, including plugs, protective pins and similar parts. The electrical system in new generation machines is very closely connected to damage and faulty operation of controllers fitted in agricultural machines. Contemporary models, due to their wide range of fittings, have an extensive network of connections and transmissions in the form of the CAN analogue and digital networks generally used until now.
Mechanical repair and service of the CNH gearbox

At the mechanical repair department, it must be stressed, it is important to properly assess and inspect the scope of the fault before repairing it, to avoid unnecessary costs. Our experience is developed in the fields of using design,technological and usage documentation, taking basic physical and geometrical measurements, producing documentation for basic technological processes, analysing the technical condition of mechanical objects using technical diagnosis and methods, adhering to and implementing standards concerning quality assurance for manufacturing products and providing services.
Repairing controllers

We repair damaged electronic modules. Depending on the faulty module, there may be various irregularities in communication data exchange in the functioning of agricultural machines. Thanks to our diagnostic software and electronic apparatus we are able to diagnose and effectively repair the damage. In cases In extreme cases, where the controller has been burnt out, we are able to recover data from it which can be used in the replacement module. This is a solution which can significantly reduce total repair costs.
Individual projects tailored to customers

Individual projects tailored to customers to improve products in terms of electromechanics and electronics This involves customer expectations being satisfied individually with regard to a given power unit. We have rather a wide choice of products on the market, but they do not always satisfy our requirements because they are generally not standard products. We inspect a given product and process it in line with the customer’s needs.


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